Hair Removal

Long term hair removal

Why laser/IPL

At the Aesthetic Laser Clinic we have both laser and IPL systems to remove unwanted hair from all areas of the face and body. Results are consistent and long term. We constantly receive word of mouth recommendations as our results are so good. Not only will it end the need for painful waxing and messy shaving, your skin will be left soft and smooth as the light also stimulates collagen production in the skin.It is especially beneficial to remove the unsightly red bumps and irritated hair follicles in the bikini area caused by shaving and waxing.

How does it work?

Light is absorbed by melanin which is the pigment in the hair follicle. The light energy heats the pigment and effectively destroys the cells in the hair follicle which are responsible for hair growth, without damaging the surrounding cells. The laser or IPL is placed on the skin, and a short pulse of light is released which targets several hair follicles simultaneously. The applicator is then moved to the next area of skin until the entire area to be treated is covered. For IPL treatments a thin layer of chilled gel is applied to help guide the light. This is not necessary with the laser.

Am I suitable for treatment?

Most people are suitable unless suntanned. The treatment works best on paler skin types with dark hair. Darker, coarser hair is more easily treated as it has a higher concentration of melanin. Fair hair contains less melanin so is harder to treat. White/grey hair has no melanin therefore can't be treated. A medical history will be taken at consultation and a test patch carried out to determine suitability.

How does the treatment feel?

Very tolerable, most people describe mild discomfort only and the application of cooled air helps minimise this. It's certainly not as bad as waxing!

What will I see after the treatment?

The hair follicles are damaged by the heat but mostly the hairs stay in the follicles, although some do "frazzle" and fall out at the time. The dead hairs shed after 1 to 3 weeks as the epidermis renews. During this time the hairs may seem to grow as they are pushed out . You may shave in between treatments if desired, but leave at least 24 hours after your treatment and until any redness has subsided.

Are there any side effects?

The skin may be red immediately after the treatment and feel slightly itchy , the hair follicles may be raised and swollen. This usually subsides after a few hours. Cooled aloe vera gel and if appropriate sunblock will be applied following your treatment. You will be given a post treatment advice form to take away. Adverse reactions are rare, but may include a small blister forming or temporary lightening or darkening of the skin.

How many treatments will I need?

Only hair that is in the active growth phase will be affected, therefore multiple treatments are needed. Usually they are carried out every 4 weeks, but that may range to 6 or 8 weeks as you go through treatments. This is because your hair free gap will lengthen. After you have had 2 or 3 sessions you will notice that the hair that does grow back becomes finer and silkier and the skin smoother. Gaps will start appearing as the hairs are killed off. The number of treatments varies from person to person, generally 6 or more sessions are required for optimum results.