The Clinic

The Clinic

Did you know that a practitioner will have as much influence over your treatment outcome as the Laser and/or equipment used? The individual care given by our expert team is an essential role in delivering outstanding treatment results.

As a small but exclusive company, we pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd with our exceptional personnel and advanced services.

The clinic is run by Sally who has many years experience in the aesthetics industry, and passes that knowledge, care and expertise to her team and the patients of the Clinic. Our practitioners have a vast number of years of nursing experience.

Investment in our practitioners... through continuous skills training ensures that our patients receive the highest skilled and most sensitive levels of care demonstrated in our thoughtful, caring and relaxed manner which we display to all our patients during any procedure.

We offer a full consultation, for a fee of £30, prior to any treatment which includes a full medical history and an assessment of suitability and personal expectations. This allows us to understand our patients' needs from both a medical and personal perspective.

We trust that you will love your visit to Aesthetic Laser Clinic as much as you love your treatment results!